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This is How I Roll With My Friends MOTHA FUCKA!


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This is How I Roll With My Friends MOTHA FUCKA!


What makes music Cyberpunk?

Personally, I believe no one genre can be defined as “cyberpunk music”. In part these songs need to be mainly electronic in nature because in a big way Cyberpunk is synthesis, and synthesis is essentially modified electronic noise.

Another integral part I believe, is the technology must have the punk before it enters the genre. Punk as most define it is an unmistakeable scream of chaos, rebellion, anarchy. Put them together and you have technology, out of control. Machines on the edge of reality, pushing the boundaries of what their creators dared to imagine.

I could count many Drum & Bass songs as possibly having sound structures very reminiscent of what most would consider a “technical” sound. I would also say many types of “noise” projects or “electro-industrial” sounding songs and genres are easily befit of the title of “cyberpunk music”… notable examples of mine would be music by:

  • Yoko Kanno (Ghost in the Shell Music Composer)

  • Nine Inch Nails

  • Aphex Twin

  • Angelspit

  • Deiselboy

  • Evol Intent

  • Black Tiger Sex Machine

…and the list goes on, spanning many genres, Some of these, I believe, are one or a combination of sound defined by genres like:

  • Cyber-Industrial

  • Drum & Bass

  • Drumstep

  • Dubstep

  • EBM

  • Electro

  • House

  • Industrial

  • IDM

  • Jungle (Electronic)

  • Minimal Techno

  • Noise

The sound design of these songs are making them easily adaptable to the “Fusion of man and machine” features of cyberpunk sci-fi (and reality).

One of my favorite, long running blogs, explains cyberpunk, in general, the best:

Understanding this makes it easier to understand the sound design and musical tone, that creates the mood in Cyberpunk Music.

This question was asked by a user on reddit. This is my answer originally posted here:

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I was once barred from going into and DJing at a nightclub because they didn’t like my comment, on a unrelated topic, on Facebook.

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